Bnei Akiva of the US & Canada provides high quality religious Zionist education and programs for North American Jewish youth along with their families and communities. Basing ourselves on the principles of Torah v’Avodah, we encourage aliyah, love of the Jewish people, and love of Israel.

Bnei Akiva of the US & Canada is the premier religious Zionist youth movement dedicated to growing generations of Jews committed to building a society devoted to Torah and the Jewish people in the state of Israel.

.עם ישראל .ארץ ישראל. תורת ישראל

Our History

What We Do

Our robust programming reaches Jewish youth at every stage – from childhood to gap year, and from post-college and beyond. Thousands of children join our sniffim (chapters) in gillim (cities) across North America for weekly experiential activities and Shabbatonim focused on Israel, Zionism, the parsha, and Judaism, and led by madrichim, high school students who are trained to be volunteer leaders. During the summers, our chanichim (participants) join Bnei Akiva-affiliated camps and explore Israel during an immersive trip with their peers. Our gap year programs in Israel infuse Torah v’Avodah into our high school graduates’ daily lives. Babayit connects our young professionals to the movement they love, bringing them together for Shabbat meals, chessed projects, classes, and more.


A movement that is inspired, energized, and led by youth, Bnei Akiva hosts an array of skill-building programs for our young leaders. Kenes Manhigei Chevraya Bet, Bnei Akiva’s annual leadership conference, empowers our high school students to reach their full leadership potential with intensive training sessions, meaningful bonding activities, and creative programming workshops.

Empowering Youth to Lead

High School Volunteers

Our young leaders dedicate their free time each week by serving as Madrichim, Roshei Snif, Roshei Chevraya, and Mazkirim.


Choveret Chinuch

Every month, volunteers receive an educational guide that helps them plan Snif activities.


Hadracha Shabbaton

Each Galil hosts an annual Bogrim-led leadership training Shabbaton for their Tzevet.


Hanhala Artzit

Bnei Akiva Ideological Board Members serve as mentors and guides to our high school leaders.


Tekes Ma’avar

Glilim host a moving “transition ceremony” on the evening between Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut for communities across the country.


Each year, 38 Bnei Akiva shlichim serve in 21 schools and communities throughout the US & Canada.


Israeli Shlichim infuse Israel education into schools and shuls throughout North America, serving as Hebrew or Judaic studies teachers, youth directors, or student life directors. Shlichim Tzeirim (young Shlichim) serve for one year and Shlichim families serve for up to four years. The National Office connects Shlichim to community partners, and hosts an annual training conference for them.



Torah V'Avodah

Infusing Torah into all aspects of our lives, ensuring that it guides our work and our daily activities.


Youth Empowerment

Inspiring youth to take action and to make a difference in the world around them.


Manhigut - Leadership

Creating programming for youth of all ages that is dedicated to building leadership.


Our Impact


Rav Shaul Feldman

Executive Director

Bini Dachs

Assistant Director

James Williams

Operations Director, Director--Moshava Ba'ir Greater Philadelphia, Regional Director--Southern Region

Zehava Seidman

Mazkira Artzi

Shula Bashkin

Registrar, Summer Programs

Dan Katz

Director, YTVA & Mach Hach BaAretz

Shlomo Stern

Director, Moshava Ba’ir Initiative

Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Seif

Rosh Yeshiva & Executive Director, Yeshivat Torah V’Avodah

Michelle Kaplansky

Israel Programs Administrator

Natalie Vinegar

Director of Marketing & Communications

Ben Fried

Director, Moshava Ba’ir

Robyn Adams

BANE Operations Director

Rafi Engelhart

Experiential Education Director

Michal Jacob

Assitant Director, Mach Hach BaAretz Mashgicha Ruchanit, MTVA

Arianne (Pinchot) Weinstein

Director, Moshava Ba'ir Chicago

Samara Yunger

Head of Moshava Ba'ir Toronto

  • Wayne Yaffee – Chairman
  • Ellen Bayer
  • Asher Goldberg
  • Romy Koenig
  • Leo Korman
  • Hartley Koschitzky
  • Avi Matanky
  • Karen Meyer
  • Uri Moche
  • Noam Safier
  • Alan Silverman
  • Gary Weiss
  • Talya Saban – Mazkira Artzi
  • Devorah Goldson – Merakezet Tochniot
  • Daniella Lakser - Sgan Mazkira Artzi
  • Chanoch Aminsky - Sgan Mazkir Artzi
  • Tal Ershler
  • Liav Garbuz
  • Charlie Kramer
  • Ariel Shneider
  • Zehava Seidman
  • Leora Strauss
  • Eli Seidman
  • Hannah Lipson
  • Ariel Wernick
  • Shabbos Kestenbaum
  • Leora Greenberg
  • Alex Fisher
  • Ilan Shields - Community-Based Hanhala Artzi
  • Miriam Pincus - Community-Based Hanhala Artzi
  • Jacob Kesslasy - Community-Based Hanhala Artzi
  • Adina Weitzner - Community-Based Hanhala Artzi
  • Naomi Fink - Community-Based Hanhala Artzi
  • Alyssa Bloomberg - Community-Based Hanhala Artzi
  • Shlomit Menashe - Community-Based Hanhala Artzi
  • Zach Goldberg - Community-Based Hanhala Artzi