BANE Shevet Naming Shabbaton

By: Daniella Lakser | Sgan Mazkira, HA

This past Shabbat was the BANE regional Shevet Naming Shabbaton! All of the chanichim arrived Friday afternoon to the Holiday Inn in Clinton, NJ to get ready for Shabbat. Shabbat started with a meaningful song filled Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat followed by and energetic opening Mifkad led by Mirakzot Shevatim – Shira Schneider and Atira Zeitchik. The chanichim were introduced to their Shevet name – Sinai!

Many zmirot were sang during dinner before leading into a the evenings peula. The chanichim were introduced to different Jewish figures in society who each practice Judaism differently and have had a variety of influence. They then discussed in their groups the concept of ״עם אחד בלב אחד״ in which these different figures in society all practice Judaism and contribute in their own ways. At Har Sinai, the Jewish people were unified as one nation despite any differences. This is the lesson that Shevet Sinai should remember – as Jews, although we may be different, we are all connected and should therefore have a common respect and love for each other. The night concluded with an enthusiastic tisch and time to wind down and spend time with friends. Shabbat day began with davening followed by kiddush.

The second peula for the shabbaton came after. This beit midrash style session focused on another important aspect relating to the Shevet name “Sinai.” The group discussion on the sources revolves around the idea that  at Har Sinai the Jewish people made the covenant to Hashem ״נעשה ונשמע״. As Jews, we need to first do the Mitzvot even without having an initial understanding in order to have the strongest connection and commitment to Hashem and our Judaism. After the peula was lunch, Mincha, and then a relaxing menucha. The entire room sang during slow shira at Seudat Shlishit. Shabbat then concluded with maariv and an enthusiastic Havdallah. The shabbaton ended with a Motzei Shabbat activity – a hypnotist! Following the night tochnit, we said goodbye to our friends and headed home. We learned a lot about our name as Shevet Sinai, what we represent, and how we can bring the lessons that we have learned into our Shevet and our lives.