Interview Time!

With: Vicky Shizgal | Director of Moshava Canada – Ennismore


Vicky Honigwachs Shizgal





Current role in Bnei Akiva

Director, Camp Moshava Ennismore


What is your first memory of Bnei Akiva?

Being a Chanicha at Weekly snifim at TBDJ Shul in Montreal


Your favourite Bnei Akiva memory?

The TVI program after grade 10 was amazing. It was the first time I met kids my age from Bnei Akiva across North America.


What was/is/hope to be your biggest achievement in Bnei Akiva?

In a time when Israel is facing so much hatred across the globe, I hope to continue to inspire proud and educated religious Zionists.


Where is your dream place to live in Israel?

On any religious kibbutz with as many animals living around me as possible!


What is your favorite Israeli food? 

Unfair question- I am a terribly picky eater!


Tell us something that you gained from Bnei Akiva that you want to pass onto others?

Having strong ideals that guide you and being part of a larger Bnei Akiva family is inspiring. You can go anywhere in the world and feel connected to others that are part of the hashgafa. I want others to feel that same way.


Tim Hortons or Aroma? And Why?

A large cafe afuch and chocolate croissant is all one needs!


What is the best meal in Moshava Canada – Ennismore? 

Fettuccine Alfredo and garlic bread  


Why is Moshava Canada – Ennismore such a special place for you?

I have spent 23 summers of my life at Ennismore! It is more than a job, it is an opportunity to impact and change the direction of lives. Not everyone has that privilege in their job.


Describe Bnei Akiva in three words?

Religious Zionist inspiration


Most meaningful Zionist/Jewish quote? 

“If you will, it is no legend.” Theodor Herzl, “Altneuland,” 1902.


What is your educational philosophy?

Teach every child in a way that inspires them personally. Cookie cutter education is not effective. Being a  great role model in an informal educational setting rocks!