Q: What was your first BA experience?
A: My first Bnei Akiva experience was as a Chanich at Snif in 2nd grade and have been a part of Bnei Akiva ever since!

Q: What are some of your BA goals for this year?
A: Some of my goals for BA this year is to bring back a lot of the pre-COVID excitement that was flowing through BA and run amazing Shabbatonim!

Q: What’s your fave part of a shabbaton?
A: My favorite part of a Shabbaton is all of the singing and dancing. I love kabbalat Shabbat, the tisches, and slow Shira!

Q: What’s one thing we don’t know about you?!
A: One thing you probably don’t know about me is that I used to hate tomatoes so much, but now I am literally obsessed with them.

Q: What’s your favorite place in Israel and why?
A: My favorite place in Israel is Gush Etzion. I love walking around when the trees are green and it’s a nice sunny day outside. No better feeling!