Toronto is preparing for Tu Bshvat! 

By: Eliav Saban | Mazkir Galil, Toronto

This week, Bnei Akiva of Toronto is preparing for a special Snif honouring Tu B’shvat! All the Madrichim of BAT is working together, hard and long to create an interactive Peula. The Peula would both interest the Chanichim and teach them a thing or two on the Holiday of The Trees! Roshim of BAYT, Kehila, Shaarei Shomayim, Or Chaim, and Shaarei Tefila are encouraging their Roshim to become more interactive with the Chanichim rather then them teaching them, like a teacher. Like Ariel Shields, previous Mazkir Artzi of BAUSC, Rosh MBT, and local Toronto resident, once said, ‘The best way to be a Madrich is to be an over-enthusiastic Chanich”. May the Roshim, Sganim, and all the Madrichim of BAT find their inner Chanich to make this special Snif one of the best Toronto has ever seen. Chag Sameach!